Vectra Cognito is now Vectra Threat Detection and Response Platform

Vectra Cognito is now known as Vectra Threat Detection and Response Platform.  The new name – a.k.a. Vectra Platform- represents the advancement of our technology from network threat to detection and response to coverage for 4 of 5 attack surfaces: public cloud, SaaS and identity and network.

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What Cognito capabilities make up the Vectra Platform?

The Vectra Platform provides customers a path to protect their journey to hybrid and multi-cloud.  With the introduction of the Vectra Platform, we remain committed to harnessing Security AI to help organizations build cyberattack resilience with broad attack coverage, clarity, and controls from the data center to the cloud.

See and stop threats with less work, less tools, in less time.

  • You have coverage.

    Get attack visibility with context across 4 of your 5 attack surfaces -public cloud, SaaS, identity, and networks – to secure your cloud transformation.
  • You have clarity.

    Reduce alert noise more than 90% to pinpoint attacker methods and prioritize threats that matter most, no matter the attack surface.
  • You have control.

    Integrate with your existing technology stack to automate context enrichment, workflow, and controls.

What does the Cognito name change for customers?

The Vectra Cognito products do not change. They are components of the greater platform that now offers detection capabilities for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and AWS.    

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