3rd Party Integrations

Unleash the full power of the Vectra AI Platform

Our 3rd party integrations power the Vectra AI Platform with even more information for greater clarity and faster responses. Turn your SOC platform experience into a true open XDR solution.

How it Works

Break down silos. Reduce complexity. Arm defenders to respond fast.

Experience all the benefits of the Vectra AI Platform while surfacing additional information from integrated cloud and security services. Our 3rd party API connections make a true XDR strategy possible.

What it Does

All your threat detection data, all in one place

Plug all your cloud, endpoint, packet broker and virtualization metadata into the Vectra AI Platform to surface even more insights.

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Our Customers
Find every active attack, anywhere in your environment

When Greenhill needed more visibility to identify attackers, they turned to the Vectra AI Platform’s third party signal integrations.

“Every day is a race to stay ahead of threat actors. Vectra AI gives us a head start in the network and CrowdStrike speeds across the finish line at the endpoint.”

John Shaffer
CIO, Greenhill

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