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Leader in AI-driven threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises.

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Secure AWS

Detect threats against your AWS environment and automate attack response for apps running on AWS.

Cloud Report

See how top security experts are addressing the challenge of securing IaaS and PaaS cloud environments.

Vectra vs. Darktrace

See why top cybersecurity pros choose Vectra over Darktrace for NDR.

The only AI optimized to detect attacker methods

Sees through encryption

Finds attackers without forcing you to decrypt using the power of recurrent neural networks and deep learning.

Learns account privilege

Accurately zero in on credential attacks by automatically discovering and focusing on accounts most useful to attackers.

Analyzes in many dimensions

Sees real threats in a sea of “different” by considering feature interactions in a  multi-dimensional space.

Thinks like an attacker

Focuses on capabilities most useful to attackers, e.g. M365 Power Automate or AWS admin API calls.

Vectra’s patented security-led AI approach covers 97% of MITRE ATT&CK methods without the noise of simple anomalies.

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Sidekick 24x7x365 MDR

Sidekick Managed Detection and Response (MDR) helps you fully utilize Vectra’s AI to see threats early and stop breaches

Our MDR service

Human intelligence that doesn’t sleep

Ransomware can strike in the middle of the night or on a holiday. The Sidekick team is always watching.

Expert opinion on everything Vectra

No one knows how to use Vectra to stop threats better than Sidekick. Bring their experience to your team.

The AI advantage

The Sidekick cloud runs the latest AI focused on enhanced campaign analysis and early identification of disruptive attacks including RansomOps.

Why 4 out of 5 choose Vectra in head-to-head evaluations vs leading competitors


Vectra uses AI to detect threats early and accurately across hybrid and multi-cloud attack surfaces.

Unified threat visibility for public cloud, SaaS, identity, and network.

Hybrid Cloud

See and stop attacks across your entire hybrid cloud – from physical and virtual data centers to AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Amazon Web Services

See and stop attacks leveraging cloud-native services, APIs, and network across your global AWS infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure AD

See and stop attacks targeting Azure AD accounts and federated applications and services.

Microsoft 365

See and stop attacks abusing native M365 applications and capabilities such as Teams, Sharepoint, and Power Automate.

Data Center

See and stop attacks hijacking credentials, standard network protocols and services to move laterally across the data center – without decrypting traffic.

Managed Detection and Response

24/7/365 eyes-on-glass service that proactively investigates malicious activity.

Time is all that matters.

Time to detect a threat (MTTD), and time to respond (MTTR) are your most important metrics. When you can't see threats that have bypassed prevention tools – you lose.

Vectra solves this problem by seeing attacks in progress to stop breaches.