Uncover the Top 10 Threat Detections in Microsoft Azure AD and Office 365

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New Cloud Data

See the top 10 threat detections in Azure AD and Office 365 and what they indicate.
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What Gartner Says

Why they say network detection and response is key to defend against supply chain attacks.
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New Report

New Survey reveals 71% of companies suffer an average of 7 account takeovers.
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Why Now

Attackers are inside your cloud, data center, IoT
and enterprise.

You need to detect and stop the threats BEFORE they cause damage.

Time to invest in Threat Detection and Response to find and stop threats that are inside your organization.

Only 2 things matter. Time to detect an adversary and time to respond.

The network is the single biggest gain in threat visibility.

Time is the most precious resource when detecting and responding to hidden attackers active inside your organization. The sooner you have visibility, the sooner you can stop it.


Prevention Doesn't Stop Threats

“Organizations spend disproportionate amounts of resources and money trying to block a threat that can’t be blocked.”

How to Respond to the 2020 Threat Landscape Gartner Research Note Published 17 June 2020 by Analyst John Watts

SOC Visibility Triad

Network Detection and
Response is Foundational to
the SOC Visibility Triad

NDR is the fastest and most efficient way to find threats in your cloud, data center, enterprise network, and IoT devices. It saves valuable time by automatically analyzing users, devices and their traffic, and prioritizing alerts​. 

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Why Vectra

We have developed an AI-driven cybersecurity platform that detects attacker behaviors to protect your hosts and users from being compromised, regardless of location.  Unlike other solutions, Vectra Cognito provides high fidelity alerts instead of more noise, and does not decrypt your data so you can be secure and maintain privacy. Today’s cyberattacks will use any means of entry, so we provide a single platform to cover cloud, data center, enterprise networks, and IoT devices, not just critical assets.

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Ensure that a compromise in your organization never becomes a headline.

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Reduce Risk



Make sure that your analysts are working on the right incidents at the right time.

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Efficient Security

$7 Million


Assess and seamlessly adapt to changes in security and regulatory mandates.

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6 Month ROI


Gain business confidence with greater visibility and security posture across your cloud footprint.

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The Vectra Difference: Security Research + Data Science

Enrich data by pairing research and data science.

Security Research

Team of world leading security researchers distill attacker behaviors sourced from securing the world's most sensitive assets

Security Research + Data Science Convergence
Security Analyst in Software

Automated Tier-1 activities resulting in 34x workload reduction and maps to 97% of the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Data Science

Team of PhD data scientists who codify behaviors across unsupervised, supervised and deep learning models

Vectra Threat Detection and Response Platform

The Vectra platform collects, detects and prioritizes high-fidelity alerts in real time and responds with automated enforcement or alerts to security personnel. Security teams use this information for threat hunting and retrospective investigations via a subscription service. To build customized security analytics, Vectra enriches and streams the data to SIEMs and data lakes.

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and Testing
SOC Transformation
Incident Response Planning
Benchmarking and Metrics
Installed, optimized and ready to respond
Vectra expert security analysts on your team
Award winning 24/7 help that solves your problems
Cognito Stream
Send security-enriched metadata to data lakes and/or SIEM
Cognito Recall
Investigate and hunt in a cloud-based application
Cognito Detect
for Network
Detect and prioritize hidden threats in network traffic using AI
Cognito Detect
for Microsoft Office 365
Detect and prioritize hidden threats in O365 using AI
Cognito Detect
for Microsoft Office 365
Detect and prioritize hidden threats in O365 using AI
User Group Meetings
Executive Customer Advisory Events
Online Community
Cognito NDR Platform
Cloud, users, IoT, data center
Real time and historical
Scalable architecture

Our Customers

Vectra automates tedious, labor intensive threat hunting and detects, scores and prioritizes the highest-risk threats.

– Jojo Maalouf, IT Security Manager at Hydro Ottawa
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Cognito filled a gap. We needed to know what we didn’t know, and Cognito showed us what was hidden.

– Brett Walmsley, CTO at NHS Bolton
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Vectra gives us access to the right people to make sure our journey is a success. Vectra is passionate about putting the customer first.

– Carmello Gallo, Cybersecurity Manager at ED&F Man
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