Customer story

GMMH NHS Foundation Trust

Vectra CDR for Office 365 ingests activity logs from multiple services like Office 365, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange.


Limited visibility into malicious behaviors inside network traffic or Office 365

Selection criteria

Automated threat detection to reveal hidden attacks and full network visibility


  • Visibility into threat behaviors across entire network
  • Confidence to detect and stop credential abuse that is common in Office 365
  • Ability to be proactive rather than reactive, providing more time to work with their end-user community

GMMH NHS Foundation Trust Stops Attacks with Vectra Detect for Office 365


Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust faced the challenge of combating credential abuse, a prevalent cyberattack method against Microsoft Office 365, threatening the security of their mental health services.


The trust deployed Vectra's Cognito for Office 365, running on the Cognito platform, which provided deep visibility into Office 365 activities and utilized AI-driven machine learning algorithms to proactively detect and respond to hidden cyberattackers.

Customer benefits

Vectra's solution enhanced visibility into threat behaviors across the entire Office 365 deployment, offering greater confidence in detecting and stopping credential abuse. The platform streamlined security oversight for the organization, facilitated quick deployment, and became an integral part of the daily cybersecurity routine, allowing the team to proactively address potential threats and focus on end-user security awareness.

“If we detect anything unusual or suspect, we’re able to respond that same day, which is a lot faster than we were doing it before."

Kevin Orritt
ICT security manager at Greater Manchester Mental Health

“We now have a greater degree of confidence that we can detect and stop credential abuse.”

Kevin Orritt
ICT security manager at Greater Manchester Mental Health