Achieve Zero Trust Access Visibility with Zscaler and Vectra

May 18, 2021
Sam Martin
Product Marketing Specialist
Achieve Zero Trust Access Visibility with Zscaler and Vectra

We’re excited to announce a new integration with Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange! This deep integration with the Vectra AI platform will provide end-to-end access visibility and protection from remote workers to business-critical applications.

Implementing Zero Trust Architecture with Vectra AI & Zscaler

With over 70% of employees around the world working remote and companies anticipating it staying that way, this new distributed workforce is forever working outside the boundaries and control of the corporate office. The remote accessibility of corporate networks renders both traditional network security solutions and endpoint solutions incapable of controlling data storage and providing visibility into its retrieval.

Now, the integration between Zscaler and Vectra helps monitor and protect the remote workforce by using principles of zero trust. This hybrid network security model spans both cloud workloads and on-prem applications, allowing you to track and stop attackers earlier in the kill chain—all while keeping access to your applications available and easy for the entire extended workforce.

By joining forces, Zscaler and Vectra offer organizations reliable, secure, and monitored access to business-critical applications through modern security-as-a-service platforms.

Comprehensive Zero Trust Access Visibility with Vectra AI & Zscaler

With this integration, security operation centers (SOCs) can achieve Zero Trust Access Visibility. The Zscaler ZPA allows secure access to business-critical internal applications whether they are on-prem or in the cloud.  

Meanwhile, with our AI-driven machine learning technology, Vectra continually monitors all interactions and identities used in the connection and identifies malicious intent from account compromise as well as malicious insiders. This gives organizations full visibility across their network to the cloud—allowing them to take action to stop attacks before they lead to threats like ransomware or data loss.

Benefits of Vectra AI & Zscaler Integration for Zero Trust

Reducing Risk with Zero Trust

The Zscaler inline and integrated security stack combined with Vectra identity and network visibility significantly reduces attacker dwell time and the business disruption. caused by security breaches, malicious insiders, and downtime.

Enhancing SOC Efficiency with Zero Trust

Comprehensive visibility from workforce to network to applications provides a complete view of the threat landscape. Automatic prioritization of alerts augments your SOC, and one-click drill down and pivot between consoles, as well as cross-platform workflow, expedites investigation and response by up to 34x.

Improving Access Visibility with Zero Trust

Thorough analysis of how the workforce is accessing applications and from where, giving insights that can help scale infrastructure as needed.

Securing Zero Trust Architecture

Ensure that only your workforce is accessing business-critical private applications and workloads by securing access and monitoring how accounts are being used once access has been granted.

To learn more about our integration with Zscaler, check out our solution brief.


What is Zero Trust access?

Zero Trust access ensures that no entity is trusted by default, continuously verifying every access request.

What are the benefits of Zero Trust architecture?

Benefits include reduced risk, enhanced SOC efficiency, improved access visibility, and secure application access.

How does Zscaler enable Zero Trust access?

Zscaler provides secure, monitored access to internal applications, ensuring only authorized users gain access.

How can SOC efficiency be improved with Zero Trust?

Zero Trust improves SOC efficiency by providing comprehensive threat visibility and automating alert prioritization.

How does Vectra AI enhance Zero Trust architecture?

Vectra AI enhances Zero Trust by providing continuous threat detection and response across cloud and on-prem environments.

How does Vectra AI integrate with Zscaler for Zero Trust?

Vectra integrates with Zscaler to provide comprehensive visibility and security for remote access to applications.

How can Zero Trust reduce security risks?

Zero Trust reduces risks by continuously verifying access requests and monitoring for malicious activities.

What role does AI play in Zero Trust security?

AI enhances Zero Trust by detecting anomalies, identifying threats, and automating response to security incidents.

What are the challenges of implementing Zero Trust?

Challenges include ensuring continuous verification, integrating with existing systems, and managing access policies.

What are the best practices for Zero Trust implementation?

Best practices include continuous monitoring, strict access controls, user education, and leveraging AI-driven security tools.