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Deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions

Consultants and independent software vendors (ISVs) leverage Vectra platform APIs to maximize ROI and enable secure digital transformation for customers.

Why Partner with Vectra

Vectra enables security integrators and providers to bring innovative subscription-based security solutions to their customers. We designed our services program around the way you do business, which lets you build relevant expertise and differentiation for your customers.

Deliver services that are needed but missing today.

Provide the unique service of detecting in-progress threats – from enterprise to cloud and data centers – and stopping them before a data breach.

Access to our customizable portfolio of options gives you the opportunity to provide a wide range of innovative cybersecurity solutions.

Access to our security experts provide you with in-depth technical knowledge gained from hundreds of successful Vectra deployments worldwide.

What our partners are saying

"Adding the Vectra Cognito AI platform to our portfolio ensures that our clients can benefit from rapid detection of cyberattacks, regardless of the complexity of their network, and respond rapidly before data is stolen."

– Jean-Marc Odet, general manager of Interdata

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Understand more about the Vectra platform and its approach to threat detection and response.

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