Detect Known and Unknown Cyberattacks – Better Together with Vectra NDR and Vectra Match

April 25, 2023
Nicole Drake
Senior Product Marketer
Detect Known and Unknown Cyberattacks – Better Together with Vectra NDR and Vectra Match

In today’s digital world, organizations must place full trust in their chosen security stack as a strategic part of their defense strategy to mitigate threats against their proprietary information. Organizations are also recognizing that cyber attackers can disrupt production operations and seriously affect productivity — requiring hours or even days to recover. This is because adversaries can use various extortion methods to steal sensitive business information, leading to data breaches, property loss and violations that weaken customer trust and harm brand value. The dangers of insufficient cybersecurity are at the door, and organizations are due for a rude awakening — especially without the ability to account for both known and unknown cyberthreats across all attack surfaces.

Fortunately, there’s an easy button — in the form of Vectra Match to efficiently deliver intrusion detection signature context to Vectra NDR (network detection response). Those familiar with Vectra NDR recognize its industry-leading threat detection and response capabilities against attackers targeting your network. By combining Vectra Match with Vectra NDR, your threat hunting teams are armed with the context of exploits as well as attacker behaviors.

Vectra Match ingests intrusion detection signature context for more efficient and effective threat investigations and hunting. This means, you gain complete clarity on known and unknown threats across your network by combining Vectra Match signature context and the power of Vectra NDR with Security AI-driven Attack Signal IntelligenceTM. SecOps teams can uncover sophisticated threats across the network, including those that may bypass a legacy Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Vectra Match delivers the insights necessary to identify and analyze exploits that get through your network perimeter.

Benefits of Vectra Match and Vectra NDR Together

Vectra Match delivers expanded capabilities to Vectra NDR by ingesting intrusion detection signature context for more efficient and effective threat investigations and hunting. In doing so, Vectra Match truly compliments Vectra NDR enhancing your overall threat intelligence database — detecting both known and unknown attacks and vulnerabilities. Vectra Match strengthens your Vectra NDR capabilities to help meet compliance requirements (CRC) and improve the operability of the security stack — providing a single point to stream all metadata to your chosen SIEM. Vectra Match provides a means for organizations to offer a solution that leverages existing tools (Vectra NDR) by reducing appliance spend (physical hardware e.g. sensors’) where IDS/Suricata hardware is required.

Customers can utilize Vectra Match alongside their Vectra NDR deployment which harnesses Vectra Security AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence — empowering an automated risk-based approach to cyberattacks that delivers:

  • Better Threat Detection and Response: Vectra Match utilizes the Suricata engine and therefore can detect all known signatures attacks, exploits and malware. This means it can see and alert on malicious traffic that your DNS resolver, firewall and proxy sees and couple it with leading AI-driven detections. Combining Vectra Match with Vectra NDR dramatically cuts down on the number of false positives by accurately detecting and analyzing all inbound and outbound traffic — detecting malicious traffic attempting to enter the network.
  • Rich Context: Coupling Vectra Match with Vectra NDR provides your SecOps team with the necessary access to signature-based context and security-led AI and metadata for accurate attack identification insights — to align your threat hunting team accordingly.
  • Tool Consolidation Together Vectra NDR and Vectra Match offer an AI-driven security solution with Suricata, allowing your SecOps teams to identify more known and unknown attacker methods with one single sensor. Vectra enables your threat-hunting teams to take the action needed in a timely fashion rather than spend critical time analyzing and managing separate security solutions.

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