Take the first step to an open XDR solution with Vectra AI Platform Integrations

February 13, 2024
Zoey Chu
Product Marketing Manager
Take the first step to an open XDR solution with Vectra AI Platform Integrations

The pathway to an integrated XDR solution

What is XDR? According to numerous vendors around the security world, XDR is an extended version of threat detection and response which connects all different types of attack surfaces such as endpoint, network, SaaS, cloud and more, into a single platform for better coverage and visibility — and greater efficiency in threat detection and response.  

Achieving XDR as a platform or vendor has proven difficult because any business or organization out there already established their security technology stack, and the security vendors that focus on network or endpoint are only good in those areas — the market wants it, but no one really wants to take such a big leap of faith into relying on only one platform that claims to do it all.  

Integrations are the key to achieving an XDR solution. Technical integrations can pull together innovative technologies that focus on specific attack surfaces into one platform — and amplify or modify the data in a way that fits an organization’s security technology workflow. Whether it’s inbound or outbound data, the goal is the same — to bridge data and information silos and bring complete coverage, clarity and control.  

Introducing Vectra AI Platform Integrations

Here at Vectra AI, we deeply understand the value of our technical integrations — based on how customers use our platform and the feedback they provide along with the additional value they gain. That is why we are launching Vectra AI Platform Integrations (previously called “technology partners”)  — to emphasize how our technology integrations empower the Vectra AI Platform.

Our open ecosystem of firewalls, SIEMs, SOARs, EDRs and more fuel our AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence, bringing rich, contextual data from across all attack surfaces to SOC analysts utilizing the Vectra AI Platform. The benefits go both ways; Vectra AI also sends detections to SIEMs, SOARs and EDRs to enrich your information.  

Vectra AI Platform Integrations is your answer to an integrated XDR solution that is not only powered by our Attack Signal Intelligence but is open and robust to any organization and any security vendor.

How Vectra AI Platform Integrations work

Vectra AI Platform Integrations work with any type of situation.  

If you currently use the Vectra AI Platform and love it but still have several security technologies you want to surface on our platform, we recommend taking a look at our third-party integrations catalog to locate and learn how to integrate with specific security vendors.  

Our third-party integrations can send three types of information into our ingestion technology that will show up on the Vectra AI Platform with the Attack Signal Intelligence treatment — giving you that AI-driven, context-rich threat triaging that you might love. The goal here with our third party integrations is to power the Vectra AI Platform with the information and data you need to do your job.  

If your workflow is already established with a platform like a SIEM, Vectra AI’s alerts and prioritization do not stop within our platform. We can send our entity scoring, detection, lockdown, audit, health and telemetry data directly onto your SIEM and structure them into comprehensive dashboards.  

Check out all our Workflow Integrations and see if your SIEM of choice is on our list!  

Responding to incidents and threats has never been quicker than with our Response Integrations.  

The Vectra AI Platform can send over account, host, and detection data to create an entity-based incident ready for any SOC analyst to take action on their SOAR, EDR or ITSM of choice. See all our Response Integrations in our catalog.

Vectra AI Platform Integrations – an AI-driven approach to your XDR strategy

With Vectra AI Platform Integrations, you can achieve an XDR strategy that is required for today’s attack landscape. We have over 30 unique integrations within our arsenal to arm your SOC team with rich, contextual information both within our platform and on your SIEMs, EDRs, and more. We believe in bringing together those siloed attack surfaces and empowering organizations today with a true open XDR solution. So why not incorporate the industry’s richest and most ruthlessly prioritized signal into your technology stack?