M365 Log Disabling Attempt

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M365 Log Disabling Attempt


  • An attempt has been made to disable important Office 365 logs that enhance security.

Possible Root Causes

  • Attackers will seek to disable logging to blind detection mechanisms and cover their tracks.
  • Logging may be temporarily turned off by an admin while changing configuration or troubleshooting a problem.

Business Impact

  • An attacker who has disabled logging may progress parts of an attack without being detected, and without producing an auditable record to aid in forensics.
  • Disabling logging degrades a critical component of an organization’s security architecture.
  • Many audit and compliance requirements can only be met through the collection of activity logs.

Steps to Verify

  • Review whether this logging configuration is expected and appropriate.
  • If this is a temporary configuration for troubleshooting purposes, confirm it has been reenabled once that troubleshooting is complete.