M365 Suspicious SharePoint Operation

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M365 Suspicious SharePoint Operation


  • Abnormal administrative SharePoint operations that may be associated with malicious activities.

Possible Root Causes

  • An attacker has located a SharePoint administrative account and is using it in pursuit of attack progression.
  • A user whose learned activity baseline has been lost as a result of a prolonged leave of absence or a change in job function has returned to their regular job
  • An admin’s role may have evolved as part of a special project or assignment, requiring SharePoint operations previously outside their normal observed behavior.

Business Impact

  • SharePoint is often leveraged across organizations for data which may be sensitive in nature, and desirable to an attacker.
  • There exists the potential for the full Office 365 subscription to be compromised if an admin account is taken over.

Steps to Verify

  • Investigate both the target and the effect of these operations to understand the full impact.