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As cyber attackers continue to advance their techniques, they are becoming increasingly skilled at evading traditional security measures and infiltrating network perimeters undetected. This allows them to operate within the network, spying, spreading, and stealing sensitive information. Security teams are facing the challenge of attackers bypassing automated defenses such as firewalls and signature-based systems, leaving them reliant on time-consuming manual investigations and post-mortem analysis to identify and mitigate damages.

Why integrate Vectra AI with IBM QRadar

The integration of the Vectra AI platform with the QRadar platform provides a powerful solution. Real-time, pre-correlated threat detections and host scores from the Vectra AI platform are seamlessly incorporated into QRadar. By automatically mapping Vectra AI events to the appropriate QRadar categories, security teams can leverage cutting-edge threat detections and behavioral traffic analysis to build custom rules within QRadar. This integration enriches the context of real-time threat investigations and empowers security teams to take proactive action.

Benefit of the Vectra AI + QRadar integration

The integration of the Vectra AI platform with QRadar brings numerous advantages. Firstly, it saves time and effort by streamlining investigations, allowing security teams to swiftly respond to network intrusions before they result in data loss. Additionally, the Vectra AI platform identifies the devices posing the highest risk to the network through advanced analysis, enabling efficient real-time investigations. Furthermore, the integration automatically correlates investigations with logs generated by other devices, providing a comprehensive view of the security landscape and enhancing threat detection capabilities.