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Why choose Vectra over DarkTrace

Explore what our community has to say about the reasons they choose Vectra over other solutions to protect their organizations with AI-driven security that thinks®.

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Vectra provides mature detection, hunting and response out-of-the-box compared to Darktrace

Pin-point attacker behavior to prioritize and surface relevant high risk incidents

Minimize false positives to reduce SOC workload and accelerate investigation

Orchestrate and respond quickly through tight integration with existing security solutions

Darktrace’s detection is noisy

Darktrace identifies activities that are “different”, causing excessive alerts that tax the SOC with unnecessary investigations.  Darktrace’s noisy detections create a haze that obfuscate malicious behaviors, increasing risk of a breach.

Vectra innovates behavior detection

The Vectra Cognito platform detects real-world attacks based on supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, from cloud workloads to user and IoT devices.  By focusing on attack behaviors and actions, Vectra helps identify every phase of an active attack without signatures or reputation lists.

Investigating with Darktrace is arduous

‍Cyber AI Analyst aggregates events, but with very little context:
  • Detections are not mapped to any framework or stage
  • Prioritization is not consistent, further elongating and complicating the investigation process
“ We weren’t convinced by Darktrace. It had a dazzling interface but didn’t operate very efficiently”.
Head of Cybersecurity, Financial Company

Vectra simplifies hunting and investigation

Vectra’s Detection Profiles provide analyzed context indicating attacker objectives:
  • Consistent prioritization across all screens
  • Detections mapped to Mitre ATT&CK and cyber kill chain
  • Streamlined investigation and confirmation process
“Vectra has a very nice, clean webGUI. It’s easier to understand and cheaper, which is one of the main reasons why we chose Vectra over Darktrace”.  
Cyber Security Analyst, Financial Services Firm

DarkTrace uses antiquated blocking techniques

Darktrace maintains legacy blocking methods to respond to threats:
  • Blocks using TCP Resets that violate network best practices and are not reliable
  • Uses a single-vendor philosophy for response, positioning their own NAC, SIEM, firewall, email security and other tools

Vectra natively integrates with security stack

With an orchestration-first philosophy, Vectra integrates natively with over 40 security solutions including best-of-breed SIEMs. The impact on response time:
  • More valuable context – Vectra ingests rich data from several sources to provide analyst with data for quick assessments
  • Rapid account lockdown across cloud, campus and datacenter

Detect better with Vectra

To catch a thief you must think like a thief. Vectra supports 97% of Mitre ATT&CK techniques which indirectly exposes techniques that attackers use to compromise endpoints
MITRE Att&ck support

Skip the noise. Use Vectra to contextualize isolated alerts to create a single incident to investigate.

Mitigate false positives by authorizing discrete behaviors appropriate to your unique environment

Experience 63% lower risk of a significant security event using the Vectra Cognito Platform (IDC report)

Respond faster with Vectra

Quickly disable resources used in an attack across host, account and cloud

Focus on real threats, not just threats perceived by Darktrace’s Cyber AI analyst

Maximize investment in your security stack with native integration from Vectra

Vectra’s rich ecosystem of integrated technology partners provides end-to-end protection against advanced threats – from the enterprise to the cloud and data centers.
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Prove your SOC efficiency and security maturity through operational metrics

Vectra provides metrics that track both the platform and SOC performance. Only Vectra allows the operator to track time spent managing the platform as well as how that time is spent.
Attacker behavior industry report
Darktrace vs Vectra

Security leaders worldwide choose Vectra to secure their organizations.

Why customers choose Vectra over Darktrace
“We weren’t convinced by Darktrace. It had a dazzling interface but didn’t operate very efficiently.”
Head of Security
Global Financial Services Firm
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“It is one of those rare products that works the way it’s supposed to. The technology and science behind Vectra complement each other in one incredible solution that ensures your investment is well spent.”
Senior Security Engineer
Major University Healthcare System
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“We evaluated Darktrace. We chose Vectra because the things that Vectra picked up were far more useful, and necessary from an enterprise view.”
Senior Security Specialist
Mining & Metals Company
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