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Vectra AI vs. Darktrace

Stop cyberattacks fast with the platform that offers better support and more advanced AI.

Vectra AI vs Darktrace

Why choose Vectra AI over Darktrace?

80%+ alert fidelity

Unlike Darktrace AI, which focuses on anomalies to show you what’s different, Vectra  Attack Signal Intelligence™ reveals what’s critical. It reduces alert noise 80% or more so you can see and stop real attacks in real time.

4x more innovation

Darktrace has historically spent 87% of revenue on sales and marketing — and just 10% on R&D. Vectra invests 4x that amount in product innovation to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI.

24x7x365 support

Darktrace customers are on their own, and the platform requires a lot of human tuning to work as advertised. With Vectra MXDR, skilled analyst reinforcements can completely offload the responsibility of stopping attacks from becoming breaches.


of customers who consider both Vectra AI and Darktrace choose Vectra AI.

Find out why

“[Vectra] is one of those rare products that works the way it’s supposed to.”

Senior Security Engineer
Major university healthcare system
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Compare Vectra AI to Darktrace

Vectra AIDarktrace
Public Cloud

Attack coverage

Only Vectra AI provides complete attack coverage for all four hybrid cloud attack surfaces, scales to 300,000 users and includes bidirectional endpoint integrations that effectively optimize customers’ existing investments in EDR.

Vectra AIDarktrace
Prioritize what is urgentLimited
Triage what is irrelevant
Detect attacker behavior
Managed extended detection with full-time analysts

Signal Clarity

Only Vectra AI delivers AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence and MXDR to alleviate SOC analysts of the burden of tuning detections, and triaging and prioritizing events.

Vectra AIDarktrace
Integrated Investigation with threat contextLimited
Native Targeted Response / ContainmentLimited
Integrated Targeted Response / ContainmentLimited
Extended managed response / Containment services

Intelligent Control

Only Vectra AI-enabled Operations provides the intelligent controls and flexibility SOC analysts need to investigate and stop attacks at any stage of attack progression.

The difference between Vectra AI and Darktrace is clear

“Previously, we used Darktrace. There were so many false positives coming through, we found that we were neglecting it and not investigating the alerts. Vectra AI has helped me get my time back.”

Tony Whelton
Director IT, Wellington College
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How Vectra AI beats competitor Darktrace

Better attack coverage

Vectra provides detailed insights across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

Scale to support as many as 300,000 users in a single platform without compromising performance or analytics integrity.

Darktrace is challenged to perform across hybrid, multi-site and enterprise scale.

With severe limitations on connections per minute — no more than 10,000 users — traffic can be dropped before throughput capacity is reached.

Vectra continuously analyzes network and cloud metadata in real-time.

Automatically detect threats, identity misuse, SaaS exploits and malware infiltration and infection without having to decrypt.

Darktrace log queries create detection latency and coverage gaps.

Darktrace offers cloud monitoring capabilities, but log queries are throttled by cloud providers creating detection latency and coverage gaps for attackers using eDiscovery and Power Automate.

Vectra offers bi-directional integrations with the top EDR vendors.

Use native integrations for Crowdstrike, SentinelOne, Microsoft Defender, CarbonBlack, Cybereason, and others to enrich context, workflow and response capabilities.

Darktrace integrates with EDR but it’s predominantly one-sided.

Darktrace integrations are built to improve alerts rather than supporting customers’ existing EDR and XDR investments.

Vectra’s managed extended services allows customers to have constant 24x7x365 coverage of all hybrid attack surfaces.

Vectra MXDR natively covers Network, Cloud, Identity, and SaaS. Through robust integrations, Vectra MXDR analysts can monitor and manage endpoints, specifically for CrowdStrike EDR, Microsoft Defender, and SentinelOne.

Darktrace does not offer managed services along with its platform.

Stronger signal clarity

Vectra delivers AI-driven threat detection and response in a single license.

Reduce load 10x without the need for complex rules. Self-tuning AI eliminates the need for constant input from security analysts. And it automates efforts behind prioritization, hunting and response to surface relevant attacker behavior only.

Darktrace anomaly-based rules overwhelm SOC with massive amounts of alerts.

There's a dark side to Darktrace. Because it sends alerts for everything that’s different — instead of just what’s critical — analysts are forced to do the heavy lifting when differentiating benign activity from malicious attacks.

Vectra exposes the full narrative of attacks with advanced ML and AI-driven prioritization.

By correlating events that characterize the nature of an attack in layman's terms, security analysts get the full chronology, context and urgency of an active attack in progress.

Darktrace generates anomalous alerts and limits the incidents and detections revealed in Cyber AI Analyst.

Without full context on an attack, analysts spend a fair amount of time figuring out if anomalous means bad.

Vectra reduces false positives with AI-driven triage that allows operators to authorize discrete behaviors.

Authorized behaviors are still present but have no scoring impact, so operators don’t lose sight of what’s been allowed over time.

With Darktrace, defeat rules are complex for the operator.

While it’s possible to tune, creating defeat rules is complex and requires a large number for each module. The result is countless hours of error-prone work with no ability to audit.

More intelligent control

Vectra counters malicious activity in real time to stop threats early in the attack progression.

Whether it be ransomware, supply chain attacks, malicious hacks or identity takeovers, Vectra native response controls can isolate an endpoint or lock down an identity in record time. On top of Vectra’s native response controls, Vectra MXDR analysts can have constant 24x7x365 eyes on a customer’s security system and remotely respond and remediate to attacks.

Darktrace Antigena is only enabled for a handful of scenarios, so it's not as autonomous as their marketing claims.

If you want to expand it, the operator must add Antigena rules to thousands of models. If you choose to expand autonomous blocking, you may end up disrupting legitimate traffic for what are false positives.

Vectra provides security teams with the raw data they need.

Measure the efficacy of your people, processes and technology. Vectra makes it easy to see what’s being detected and how much time analysts spend hunting, assessing and remediating threats.

Darktrace uses their own undocumented metrics and reporting.

You’ll see how much processing their device has done and how much SOC analyst time is offloaded. But it doesn’t account for how many human hours go into tuning the product.

Vectra lets you establish your own desired GRC policies.

For critical Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) applications, Vectra lets you establish your own GRC policies and alerts as needed. You can easily produce compliance reports, too.

Darktrace cannot report on policies like SMBv1 and expired Cert.

Darktrace alerts on limited low-level conditions, leaving operators with thousands of events to track as opposed to providing simple compliance reporting.

Why your peers chose Vectra AI over Darktrace

“It was eye opening to hear that the problem was an order of magnitude larger than we thought it was. Vectra’s solution and expertise has helped us uncover and review hundreds of settings that we never would have known about.”
Kevin Kennedy
Chief Security Officer at Blackstone
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“In just a matter of days, our clients are able to achieve greater visibility, detection efficacy, and cut incident response times.”
Director, CyberOps KPMG
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“With one nice front dashboard, we can look at the high-volume threats rather than all of the noise. Vectra AI has helped me get my time back.”
Tony Whelton
IT Director at Wellington College
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