Customer story

Major university healthcare system

Information security professionals would agree that it’s important to ensure that end users are empowered to do their job as efficiently and securely as possible.


Needed a proactive approach to understand threats, threat actors and the methods they employ in the internal threat landscape.

Selection criteria

A network-centric detection and response solution that was endpoint agnostic and would bring clarity to internal network traffic.


  • Poignant, actionable alerts that reduce anomalous noise and unintelligible events.
  • AI and machine learning that detects threat behaviors in the network and stops the progression of attacks.
  • A customer-focused solution that allows the Cognito NDR platform to fit and be tailored to specific requirements.

University Healthcare System Uses Vectra to Expose the Truth about Cyberattacks


The university healthcare system faced a delicate balance between ensuring end-user efficiency and maintaining robust security, prompting the need for a solution that could discern the right moments to enhance security without hindering operational efficiency.


Deploying the Vectra AI platform provided the university healthcare system with an automated solution to hunt for cyberattackers, offering real-time visibility into their actions and instant correlation to compromised host devices. This addressed the limitations of a reactive approach, especially concerning endpoint agnosticism and the complexity of managing diverse network elements.

Customer benefits

The adoption of the Vectra features—Vectra Detect, Vectra Recall, and Vectra Stream—enabled the healthcare system to identify and stop cyberattacks, conduct AI-assisted threat hunting, and deliver deep security insights. The platform's ability to reduce anomalous noise, provide actionable alerts, and seamlessly integrate with the SIEM contributed to increased efficiency, clarity in incident investigations, and the creation of insightful reports, ultimately tailored to the specific requirements of the healthcare system. The exceptional support from Vectra further ensured the extraction of maximum value from the Vectra NDR platform.

“It is one of those rare products that works the way it’s supposed to. The technology and science behind Vectra complement each other in one incredible solution that ensures your investment is well spent.”

Senior Security Engineer
Major University Healthcare System

“Vectra Detect gives us poignant, actionable alerts and reduces anomalous noise and unintelligible events.”

Senior Security Engineer
Major University Healthcare System