Customer story
Financial Services and Banking

DZ Bank

DZ BANK enables protection without prying using AI-driven cyberattack detection

Selection criteria

An easy-to-use network traffic analysis platform that reduces the time to detect threats, automatically triages alerts and speeds-up incident response.


  • Detect hidden attackers in data centers and user and IoT devices while complying with strict data privacy laws
  • Mitigate the risk of insider threats and IT administrator policy violations
  • Reduce the security operations workload with AI-driven threat detection and faster incident response

How DZ Bank Enables Protection without Violation Privacy


DZ BANK faced cybersecurity limitations with traditional systems, requiring a shift due to the inadequacies of signature-based approaches and the complexities of adhering to strict German data privacy regulations.


DZ BANK adopted Vectra's AI-driven TDR platform, enabling real-time threat detection, automatic alert triage, and swift responses to hidden attackers, significantly reducing the workload of security operations.

Customer benefits

The Vectra AI platform brought substantial benefits, including quick and focused responses to high-risk threats, streamlined alert prioritization with the Vectra Threat Certainty Index™, and compliance with privacy laws through the analysis of enriched network metadata and relevant logs.

“With Vectra, I can focus on the highest-risk threats. With other solutions, I have to filter to get rid of hundreds or thousands of false positives.”

Matthias Tauber
Sr Services Manager for IT security at DZ BANK

“Classical prevention systems like firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems don’t cover advanced persistent threats or anomalous behavior in the network”

Matthias Tauber
Sr Services Manager for IT security at DZ BANK