Customer story


Named by Deloitte as a large producer of consumer goods, Fenaco operates and sells its products almost exclusively in Switzerland.


Decentralized security operations and limited visibility provided by perimeter security tools.

Selection criteria

An AI-driven network detection and response (NDR) solution to automate SOC inefficiencies.


  • Threat coverage with visibility into attack behaviors inside their network and in traffic going to and from the internet
  • Automation of manual tasks giving more time to focus on critical requirements like threat hunting and incident investigations
  • Prioritized detections that make critical alerts easy to address

Fenaco, Mega-producer of Consumer Goods, Relies on Vectra in the SOC


Fenaco faced the challenge of decentralized security operations, relying on firewalls and logs for perimeter defense, leading to difficulties in scaling and providing inadequate visibility into cyberattackers within the network.


To address these challenges, Fenaco implemented Vectra's AI-driven Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform, specifically utilizing Vectra Detect and Vectra Stream software. This move enabled the establishment of a centralized Security Operations Center (SOC) and automated many manual tasks, enhancing the SOC's efficiency in detecting and responding to cyberthreats.

Customer benefits

With the Vectra AI platform, Fenaco experienced rapid time-to-value, gaining excellent visibility into attackers' behaviors inside the network. Additionally, Vectra Stream facilitated faster threat investigations, delivering security-enriched metadata for conclusive incident analysis, and seamless integration with Splunk resulted in a significant reduction in threat investigation times from several days to just a few hours.

“The integration between Vectra and Splunk was so simple and easy that we were able to get up and running in the SOC very quickly. Now we look at Vectra for the most critical alerts and we send syslogs and metadata to Splunk for investigations.”

Gustavo Ricco
Security Operations Manager at Fenaco Informatik

“Vectra AI offers excellent visibility about what attackers do inside the network.”

Gustavo Ricco
Security Operations Manager at Fenaco Informatik