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When this global financial services company deployed the Vectra® network detection and response solution, “it was as if the fog suddenly lifted from our security operations,” says the firm’s head of cybersecurity


Financial company


Financial services


Their security team was in constant reactive mode. They were working off of homegrown solutions that required a lot of software patches.

Selection criteria

A platform that would enable their security team to proactively detect andrespond to hidden threats inside their networks.


  • Gained more value from Vectra in a week than from configuring their SIEM for an entire year
  • No longer have to sift though DHCP logs or identify IP address changes during an investigation
  • Cognito Detect tells his team every critical alert worth investigating andhow to go about resolving it

Global financial services firm stops cyberattacks with NDR


The financial services company faced challenges with limited visibility into attacker behaviors within its network, leading to a reactive mode in its security operations center (SOC). The existing SIEM system was outdated, requiring significant manual effort, and the SOC struggled to proactively detect and respond to hidden threats.


The company adopted the Vectra network detection and response (NDR) solution, specifically Vectra Detect for Office 365, Vectra Detect, and Vectra Recall running on the Vectra AI platform. Vectra's NDR solution provided quick and intuitive deployment, eliminating the challenges associated with the SIEM system. It empowered the SOC with proactive threat detection, responsive incident investigations, and efficient detection of attacker behaviors in encrypted traffic.

Customer benefits

The financial services firm experienced a significant improvement in visibility, going from zero to 100 percent visibility into attacker behaviors. Vectra's AI-driven platform provided context and details about every attack, enabling the SOC to prioritize and respond to critical threats effectively. The company gained value from Vectra within a week, eliminating the manual work associated with configuring the SIEM for an entire year. Vectra CDR for Office 365 proved invaluable in combating credential abuse, while Vectra Recall enhanced threat hunting and incident investigations, ensuring compliance with privacy and governance policies. The company achieved a proactive stance in identifying and stopping potential cyber threats.

“We weren’t convinced by Darktrace. It had a dazzling interface but didn’t operate very efficiently.”

Head of security
Global financial services firm

“I can deploy as many sensors as I want to get rid of blind spots in traffic. The entire platform is easy to use, fast and well-integrated.”

Head of security
Global financial services firm