Customer story
Retail and Wholesale

Global 2000 Retail Company

Retail companies have no shortage of challenges to navigate these days, making it more important than ever to deploy cybersecurity solutions that they can rely on to detect malicious activity associated with today’s critical threats.


Navigating through the complexities of cloud adoption and making sure deployed security tools don’t let any threats slip through the cracks

Selection criteria

An AI-based network detection and response (NDR) solution that focuses on the most critical, severe detections


  • Received value to their security operations within two weeks of deployment
  • Can rely on Vectra detections and its event generating mechanism to clearly focus on the most important priority one cases
  • Optimal signal-to-noise ratio that gives confidence of having a realistic chance of catching and stopping real attacks in time

Cyberthreats Are No Match for This Resilient Retailer


The European global retailer was facing the multifaceted challenge of navigating through the complexities of cloud adoption, while ensuring that the deployed security tools do not let any threats slip through cracks, compromising its vast network spread across multiple geographical locations.


The retailer opted for Vectra AI's threat detection and response platform which provided an AI-based network detection and response solution. The platform reduced noise from irrelevant alerts, enabling the security team to focus on priority cases, and offered accurate detections to remediate issues, ensuring full visibility and control over the security landscape.

Customer benefits

With Vectra AI's solution, the retailer obtained optimal signal-to-noise ratio, along with high-quality alerts facilitating attention to critical issues in a timely manner. Additionally, by leveraging Vectra Stream, they were able to get security-enriched cloud and network metadata, enhancing their detection capabilities, investigations, and threat hunting. As a bonus, the platform dramatically improved the efficiency of the retailer's security operations within just two weeks of deployment, bolstering its overall cyber defense strategy.

“This solution is like the absolute base coverage for us. You don’t get many alerts, and if you get one, you better look at it because it is a good quality alert.”

Head of IT Security
Global 2000 Retail Company

“In terms of our security stack, this is the most essential cybersecurity tool we use. It has been designed by security people for security people.”

Head of IT Security
Global 2000 Retail Company