Customer story

International Private Healthcare Group

With Vectra AI automating the hunt, the company’s security team can focus on threat mitigation, regulatory compliance and safeguarding patient privacy.


Timely detection, understanding and management of active cyberattacks

Selection criteria

Nonstop automated threat surveillance that deploys easily and integrates with existing security tools


  • 360-degree visibility into cyberattackers in the network
  • Integrates with existing security technologies and processes
  • Faster threat detection and response across global locations
  • Meets healthcare patient data protection regulations

International Private Healthcare Group Achieves Real-Time Threat Detection


This international private healthcare group, with over 100 hospitals and clinics globally, needed to protect massive amounts of sensitive data within a complex and geographically dispersed network. The existing conventional security measures were not equipped to promptly identify and manage active cyberattacks, putting the organization at risk of having critical and sensitive patient data compromised.


Vectra's artificial intelligence-based Threat Detection and Response platform was chosen for its capabilities to detect hidden cyberattacks and respond effectively in real-time. The platform was designed to seamlessly integrate with other security systems and technologies and delivered insights on the highest-risk threats needing immediate attention.

Customer benefits

With Vectra’s platform automating threat detection and fast-tracking responses, the healthcare group's security team could focus on threat mitigation, regulatory compliance, and safeguarding patient privacy. The platform significantly reduced the time taken to detect and respond to threats, enhancing operational consistency across their global network. Plus, the use of Vectra aided compliance with stringent security and privacy protection regulations, adding an extra layer of confidence and security in their approach.

“Cognito detects and prioritizes in-progress attacks that pose a very real danger to the key assets we must protect”

Group Security Architect
International Private Healthcare Group

“Vectra AI proved its value from Day 1. After a short period of machine learning across our network, Vectra AI immediately detected a threat and notified our security team about an attack”

Group Security Architect
International Private Healthcare Group