Customer story
Financial Services and Banking

mLeasing Sp. z o. o.

mLeasing, a leading leasing company in Poland and part of the mBank group, was looking for a modern solution that enabled the identification of online threats in real time.


Traditional systems based on signatures or attack patterns only detect threats that are known to the system

Selection criteria

Find a system that would complement the security concept with a state-of-the-art solution based on behavioral analysis, supported by artificial intelligence and deep machine learning


  • Automatic evaluation and prioritization performed by Vectra Threat Certainty Index
  • Minimal time needed to detect a threat and ability to immediately respond to an attack
  • Detect cyber attacks faster to contain threats more effectively

mLeasing Uses the Cognito Platform to Detect and Respond to Modern Cyberattacks


One of Poland's leading leasing companies, mLeasing, was grappling with a geographically dispersed environment, making it susceptible to cyberattacks. Traditional systems based on signatures or attack patterns were not sufficient as they could only detect known threats, leaving the system vulnerable to new, unknown threats.


mLeasing chose the Vectra Platform for its unique blend of behavior analysis capabilities, deep machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The platform heightened visibility across their entire network, from internal traffic to internet-bound traffic and cloud environments. The use of Vectra Detect and Vectra CDR for Office 365 further reinforced the strength of their defense, offering real-time threat detection and response.

Customer benefits

With the implementation of the Vectra Platform, mLeasing was able to save time, improve contextual understanding of each attack, and speed up reactive measures to eliminate threats. The Vectra Threat Certainty Index further helped in automatic evaluation and prioritization of detected threats. Additionally, automation of time-consuming analysis of security events allowed the mLeasing IT security team to respond faster and more efficiently to modern hidden threats.

“The Vectra AI solution, thanks to high levels of automation, minimizes the time needed to detect a threat and allows for an immediate response to stop an attack.”

Marek Jastrzębski
Director of the IT Department mLeasing Sp. z o.o.

“Vectra Threat Certainty Index automatically prioritizes detected threats, so you can easily spot the most critical. The system consolidates hundreds of events and combines them with historical context to identify the host that poses the greatest threat.”

Marek Jastrzębski
Director of the IT Department mLeasing Sp. z o.o.