Customer story

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

Cloud benefits are seemingly endless, however, when viewed through the lens of a security professional—the speed, scale and connectivity gained can also open the door for cyberattackers.


Lack of lateral movement visibility within organization

Selection criteria

An AI-based Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution to automate SOC inefficiencies and increase lateral movement visibility


  • Detection of lateral movement within organization
  • Full visibility into AWS Nitro-based instances
  • Detection of abnormal activity within their AWS environment and infrastructure

MPAC Secures AWS with Vectra


Securing AWS for the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) posed the challenge of ensuring visibility in a cloud environment, preventing lateral movement, and detecting abnormalities without compromising the organization's information, data, and domains.


MPAC tackled the challenge by implementing Vectra, an AI-driven network detection and response solution, to enhance visibility, particularly in identifying and preventing lateral movement within the organization. Vectra's capabilities allowed MPAC's Security Operations Center (SOC) to automate threat prioritization, triage high-risk threats, and conduct efficient investigations based on behavior-based threat signals.

Customer benefits

Vectra not only addressed the blind spots in lateral movement but also empowered MPAC's SOC to automate threat response, prioritize threats effectively, and conduct investigations with ease. The solution's compatibility with AWS, coupled with features like Traffic Mirroring, ensured full visibility into cloud instances, making it an integral part of MPAC's security strategy. The team's satisfaction with Vectra's performance highlights its effectiveness in providing visibility, preventing threats, and simplifying security investigations.

“The blind side that we had before Vectra was the lateral movement within the organization. We didn’t have good visibility,”

Mirza Baig
IT Security Manager at Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)

“The blind side that we had before Vectra AI was the lateral movement. Using AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring, Vectra AI gives us full visibility into our Nitro-based instances.”

Mirza Baig
IT Security Manager at Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)