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Online Gaming

Deep integration between Vectra AI and AWS allows the company to deploy Vectra sensors in AWS virtual private clouds (VPCs).


Limited visibility into threat behaviors inside its network.

Selection criteria

An AI-driven threat detection solution specifically built for AWS traffic


  • Integration between Vectra AI and AWS allows the company to deploy Vectra sensors in AWS virtual private clouds (VPCs)
  • Increased visibility into network threat behaviors
  • Vectra NDR definitions are published as findings in AWS Security Hub, where they can be correlated with other data sources for faster threat hunting and incident investigations in the cloud

Online Gaming Company Bets on Vectra and AWS for Detection and Monitoring


The online gaming company faced the challenge of safeguarding its expansive global operations against the evolving threat landscape, with gaming sites being lucrative targets for cybercriminals, requiring continuous threat detection without overwhelming security teams.


To address the need for improved visibility and faster incident response, the company selected Vectra's threat detection and response platform, leveraging its AI-driven capabilities to detect complex, multistage cyberattacks across cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise networks. Additionally, the company extended this platform to AWS workloads, enhancing security operations and ensuring proactive threat hunting in dynamic cloud environments.

Customer benefits

The implementation of the Vectra AI platform provided the gaming firm with enhanced visibility into threat behaviors, streamlined incident response, and reduced the risk of security gaps. The integration with AWS allowed for seamless deployment in virtual private clouds, ensuring comprehensive cyberattacker detection and response for AWS workloads, ultimately protecting the company's reputation and supporting its digital transformation in the cloud.

Vectra captures all network metadata at scale and enriches it with machine learning derived security context, and reliably stores it in AWS for proactive threat hunting and conclusive incident investigations.

Head of information security
Online Gaming Company

Extending AI-driven detection and threat hunting to AWS workloads would reduce the risk of security gaps and blind spots in dynamic cloud environments.

Head of information security
Online Gaming Company