Customer story

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Pennine Care NHS counts on Vectra to stop cyberattacks


Continuously monitor and detect hidden cyberattackers that could impact mental health care, operations and patient safety

Selection criteria

Automated threat detection to reveal hidden attacks and provide more time to investigate and hunt for threats


  • Automated detection and response, giving more time to investigate and hunt for threats
  • Collection and storage of historical metadata to protect data privacy and support GDPR
  • Information needed to reveal attacker’s behavior is one click away

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Hunts Internal Attackers with Vectra


Pennine Care NHS Trust faced the challenge of identifying and stopping hidden cyberthreats, especially after the WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017 that disrupted NHS operations.


Pennine Care NHS Trust chose the Vectra AI  platform, utilizing Vectra Detect and Vectra Recall to automatically detect, respond to, and investigate in-progress cyberattack behaviors, providing unprecedented visibility and efficiency.

Customer benefits

The deployment of the Vectra AI platform resulted in streamlined threat detection, automated response, efficient investigation with Vectra Recall, and quick identification of security risks, enhancing overall cybersecurity for Pennine Care NHS Trust.

“I cannot say enough about Vectra support. If I make a support call or email inquiry, I get a response in under 10 minutes. The support I get from Vectra is simply brilliant.”

Rizwan Majeed
ICT security manager

“With Vectra, I don’t have to sift through endless logs to identify real threats. Vectra Detect automates detection and response, which gives me more time to investigate and hunt for threats using Vectra Recall.”

Rizwan Majeed
ICT security manager