Customer story
Higher Education

Private Research Institution

Charles Davidson started work as an information security analyst at a Private Research Institution, during a wave of uncertainty.


Manual workload and risk of a second ransomware attack

Selection criteria

An AI-based Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution to automate SOC inefficiencies and prevent ransomware attacks


  • Ability to prioritize security alerts and visibility into when a compromised host is part of a larger attack campaign
  • Sidekick services that help enable the security team identify and focus on what they need to fix
  • Speedy response workflows to stop in-progress attacks faster

Private Research Institution Gains Extra Set of Eyes with Sidekick Services


The Private Research Institution faced the challenge of securing its dynamic network environment, with constant changes in the location of network devices, multiple personal devices, and the need to address evolving cyber threats such as ransomware attacks.


The institution implemented the Vectra AI's platform and MDR Services, leveraging AI-derived machine learning algorithms and deep learning to automatically detect, prioritize, and respond to in-progress attack behaviors. The combination of Vectra NDR and MDR Services provided an enhanced understanding of the network environment and threat landscape, allowing the institution to identify and focus on critical security events.

Customer benefits

Vectra streamlined operations through automation, improved visibility, and detected compromised hosts within larger attacks. Vectra's MDR Services provided expert analysis and investigative support. Integrating Vectra NDR with third-party solutions enhanced response workflows, reducing attacker dwell times and eliminating network blind spots, making the security team more adaptable to network changes.

“It was like getting a new pair of binoculars. You don’t realize what you’re missing until you can see with absolute clarity.”

Charles Davidson
IT Security Analyst Private Research Institution

“The insights we get all day, every day, are critical. It makes me a better analyst and a better engineer.”

Charles Davidson
IT Security Analyst Private Research Institution