Customer story
Financial Services and Banking

Securities Exchange

Vectra is the cornerstone of security operations at leading securities exchange


Protect prominent securities exchange against opportunistic and targeted attacks

Selection criteria

Security solution that delivers credible threat intelligence


  • Detect advanced persistent attacks in real time
  • Gain real-time insight into the most important threats
  • Augment the cyber kill chain

Securities Exchange Operationalizes Infrastructure with Vectra


The securities exchange faced the daunting task of safeguarding the financial infrastructure against cyber threats that could disrupt operations, compromise systems, and damage corporate reputation, especially in an industry where a single misstep can lead to significant consequences.


To augment its cyber kill chain and enhance controls against sophisticated malware, the securities exchange deployed Vectra's network detection and response platform, providing real-time insights into advanced persistent attacks and adapting to evolving threats through machine learning.

Customer benefits

Vectra AI serves as an advanced surveillance system, granting the security operations team visibility into ongoing cyberattacks, allowing them to stop attacks in progress before any damage occurs. The platform adds immediate value by providing actionable security intelligence, streamlining investigations, and helping the exchange meet regulatory and audit requirements, ultimately making analysts' jobs easier and enhancing overall cybersecurity.

“We got value out of Vectra on Day 1. Vectra helped me see things that we couldn’t see before.”

Deputy CISO
Securities Exchange

“We would never have known about the root of the misconfiguration without Vectra”

Deputy CISO
Securities Exchange