Customer story

Forbes Global 2000 manufacturer of specialty chemicals and advanced materials

Forbes Global 2000 manufacturer protects trade secrets and data with AI-powered network detection and response


Ensure its supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods, is not compromised by hidden cyberattacks

Selection criteria

Empower security operations teams to increase productivity by automating cyberattack detection and response using AI


  • Safeguard intellectual property and other sensitive data across operations in 50 countries
  • Comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Detect complex, multistage attacks faster and with less burden to the security operations team

Specialty Chemicals and Advanced Materials


The specialty chemical and advanced materials manufacturer faced the challenge of safeguarding trade secrets, research data, and personal information against cyber threats that could disrupt production operations, impacting the entire supply chain. The security manager emphasized the severe repercussions of business disruption, reputational damage, and regulatory fines for noncompliance.


To address the rising threat landscape and comply with GDPR legislation, the company sought a solution that could provide clear visibility into advanced attacks across its global operations. The company chose Cognito, an AI-powered network detection and response platform from Vectra, to efficiently detect and respond to hidden attackers in real time. The goal was to lift the burden from the security operations team, overwhelmed by inconclusive alerts, and automate threat detection using AI.

Customer benefits

Vectra's AI-driven models enhanced global network visibility for rapid responses to cyber threats. Automating threat detection lightened the operational workload, ensuring swift investigations. Cognito aided GDPR compliance, preserving privacy and offering forensic evidence. The seamless deployment prioritized innovation, securing the company's core business.

“With artificial intelligence, the Vectra dashboard presents accurate details and context about detected threats while being simple to use.”

Security Manager
Forbes Global 2000 Manufacturer

“Thanks to the continuous monitoring of all network traffic, Vectra gives us all the necessary visibility so we can easily detect elusive cyberattacks in our network.”

Security Manager
Forbes Global 2000 Manufacturer