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Sports Data Analysis Company

Detect for AWS is a crucial cog in the security of this company’s cloud infrastructure


Received alerts from GuardDuty that were not actionable, leaving them with a lack of visibility in their AWS activity

Selection Criteria

An AI-driven solution that uses behavioral models to find and stop attacks without disrupting operations


  • Vectra Detect for AWS flagged a new user performing a number of highly suspicious activities, and the team later determined it was a secret pen test being performed.
  • Vectra Detect for AWS spotted a True Positive where a Kubernetes cluster was making some EC2 instances publicly available over HTTPS.

Sports Data Company quickly identifies True Positive with Detect for AWS


This sport data analysis company faced the challenge of managing computationally expensive activities, including data analytics for designing betting odds, tracking irregularities suggesting match fixing, and providing video streaming services. With a heavy reliance on AWS infrastructure, any outage in their AWS systems could jeopardize customer contractual obligations and have a significant business impact.


To enhance their detect and response capabilities, the company migrated to Vectra Detect for AWS, an AI-driven solution that uses behavioral models to find and stop attacks without disrupting operations. This switch provided them with better visibility into their AWS activity, addressing the limitations they faced with GuardDuty alerts and offering complete visibility into their entire setup.

Customer benefits

Vectra Detect for AWS showed immediate value by identifying a True Positive where a Kubernetes cluster exposed EC2 instances publicly. The company praised Vectra for alerting them to a significant blind spot, preventing potential unauthorized access. Additionally, Vectra's Kingpin technology helped uncover suspicious activities performed by an unauthorized user, allowing the company to detect and respond to a secret pentest team's activities on day one. Detect for AWS emerged as a crucial component in ensuring the security of the company's cloud infrastructure, providing defense in depth for the management plane amidst continuous integration of new configuration changes.

“This was actually a new kubernetes cluster, which people were migrating from one account to another, and forgot to set up the stack correctly.”

Senior Analyst
Sports Data Analysis Company

"Thanks to that report we were able to find a significant blind spot, so we greatly appreciate Vectra for alerting us on this!”

Senior Analyst
Sports Data Analysis Company