Customer story

Telecommunications company

Integrating Vectra with AWS allows the telecom provider to deploy Vectra sensors that are available in the AWS marketplace into its Amazon VPCs.


Scan and monitor multiple geographic locations and AWS virtual private clouds (VPCs)

Selection criteria

An AI-driven threat detection solution specifically built for AWS traffic and can detect and respond to threats evading their EDR solution


  • Integration between Vectra and AWS allows the company to deploy Vectra sensors in AWS virtual private clouds (VPCs)
  • Complete coverage for all devices, regardless of client types
  • Real-time detections as well as host threat and certainty scores from its enterprise and data center

Telecom Provider Relies on Vectra and AWS to Stop Hidden Cyberthreats


Securing a complex network spanning over 10 geographies and multiple Amazon virtual private clouds (VPCs), this multinational telecom provider faced the challenge of monitoring diverse and expansive network traffic while adhering to various compliance policies.


To address the security gap in visibility for IoT, unmanaged devices, and BYOD, the telecom provider deployed the Vectra AI platform, which integrates seamlessly with AWS. This cloud-centric threat detection platform enhances endpoint detection and response (EDR), ensuring comprehensive coverage for all devices, including those that cannot support EDR software agents.

Customer benefits

The integration of Vectra with AWS allows the telecom provider to deploy sensors into Amazon VPCs, ensuring visibility into all traffic flowing within and out of VPCs. This cloud-first approach, combined with AI-driven machine learning, provides automatic detection and response to hidden cyberattack behaviors in cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise environments. The telecom provider benefits from real-time threat detections, automated triaging, and enriched security insights, empowering the security team to respond faster, conduct conclusive forensic investigations, and prevent data breaches.