Customer story

Telematics Company

With Vectra, this telematics company secures data seamlessly across on-premises and AWS cloud.


Limited resources and budget

Selection criteria

An AI-based Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution that was software and operating system agnostic


  • Can now detect abnormalities in traffic moving from workstations to locations either inside or outside of their environment
  • Vectra Recall assists the security team for their threat-hunting needs
  • Vectra produced a more holistic view of their environment

Telematics Company Achieves Secure and Boring Environment with Vectra


With a small team of five handling all IT-related tasks, including security, and limited financial resources to establish a dedicated SOC, this telematics company sought an alternative to bolster its security against cyber threats.


Choosing Vectra AI, an agnostic network detection and response (NDR) solution, allowed the company to prioritize threat detection without being tied to specific software or operating systems. The Head of IT Operations and IT Security appreciated Vectra's ability to provide a quick and easy-to-read view of the environment, meeting their technical demands.

Customer benefits

Vectra Detect now efficiently flags abnormal traffic, providing a comprehensive view of potential threats. The telematics company, dealing with sensitive customer information, can detect abnormal transfers and relies on Vectra Recall for advanced threat hunting. Leveraging both AWS and Vectra, the company ensures robust data protection across on-premises and AWS cloud instances, creating a secure environment that actively addresses potential threats.

“With Darktrace, I have to go through lots of flashy things, not necessarily useful things. Whereas Vectra is far more accessible and readable from the start.”

Head of IT Operations and IT Security
Telematics Company

“Our security approach along with Vectra kind of generates this very boring environment, which is good. We’re happy where we are!”

Head of IT Operations and IT Security
Telematics Company