Customer story

EDAG Group

The word no company wants to hear became an unfortunate reality for one of the world’s largest independent development partners to the automotive and aviation industries — ransomware.


Victim of encryption Trojan that shut down their business-critical systems and IT systems Selection criteria An AI-driven platform that ensures accurate visibility into security threats and attacks that make it inside EDAG


  • Meaningful collection and enrichment of data anywhere EDAG has workloads — cloud, data center, IoT and all across the enterprise
  • Immediate visibility across the environment and elimination of any potential relapses by the threat actor
  • A comprehensive view of potential threats without any invasive technology

The EDAG Group Flips the Script on Ransomware


In March 2021, The EDAG Group, a major independent development partner to the automotive and aviation industries, faced a ransomware attack, rendering critical business systems unusable. The security team, recognizing the high stakes and the need for a swift and robust response, initiated a proof of concept (POC) with Vectra AI to restore systems and fortify against future threats.


To combat the ransomware attack and enhance cybersecurity, EDAG deployed a POC with Vectra, leveraging AI-driven threat detection and response. The quick integration, supported by Orange Cyberdefense, enabled Vectra to capture and enrich data, providing accurate visibility into security threats. Vectra's platform, applicable across diverse environments, ensured continuous and effective threat anticipation and response.

Customer benefits

The successful implementation of Vectra's AI-driven solution delivered tangible benefits for The EDAG Group. Improved visibility and the elimination of potential relapses by the threat actor were immediate outcomes. Maria Fladung, IT Security Officer at EDAG, highlighted the significance of Vectra's automated platform in recognizing and responding to dangerous behavior swiftly. The collaboration with Orange Cyberdefense equipped EDAG with a comprehensive view of threats without invasive technology, enhancing efficiency in IT security operations.

“With the Vectra AI Patform, we have gained an anchor of trust in our IT network and have increased visibility considerably.”

Maria Fladung
IT Security Officer at EDAG

“Our IT security experts can now work much more efficiently.”

Maria Fladung
IT Security Officer at EDAG