Customer story
Retail and Wholesale

The Very Group

Vectra AI aids The Very Group in minimizing business risks during its digital transformation by rapidly detecting and responding to threats, securing ecommerce platforms, ensuring customer trust, and aligning with regulatory requirements.


The Very Group wanted to automate threat detection and response to protect its business

Selection criteria

AI-based automated threat detection solution that’s flexible and simple to deploy and use


  • Strong security is a critical enabler, protecting £1.93 billion in revenue
  • Quickly identify the highest-risk threats in e-commerce sites, corporate systems in the cloud and private data centers
  • The in-house security team is more efficient with automated threat hunting

The Very Group Minimizes Business Risk


The Very Group, a leading UK online retailer, grappled with the risks of digital transformation, seeking to protect customer data, maintain trust, and comply with regulations like GDPR.


To address these challenges, The Very Group adopted the Vectra AI platform, automating threat detection, prioritizing high-risk threats, and enabling swift responses to in-progress attacks.

Customer benefits

Vectra AI's enhances security, streamlines operations, and facilitates adaptive capabilities, allowing The Very Group to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats faster, ultimately building and preserving digital trust in online retail.

“With Vectra, we have a solution that coordinates with other tools. Simplifying security means less time and effort spent.”

Liam Fu
Head of Information Security at The Very Group

“Vectra AI makes threat hunting more efficient

Liam Fu
Head of Information Security at The Very Group