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All publicly traded companies risk being targeted by cyberattackers, and this $5 billion U.S. real estate and relocation services firm is no exception. In fact, that realization kept the security operations team up at night.


Modernize response to cyberthreats Selection criteria Network threat detection and response that scaled and provides visibility into their network.


  • Real-time context and insights about threat behaviors
  • Reduction of alerts from thousands a day to 2-3 alerts a day
  • Full scope of threat activity across their

Major Real Estate Firm Replaces IDS/IPS with Vectra


Faced with the constant threat of phishing and malware, a major U.S. real estate firm with over 11,000 employees struggled with the limitations of traditional intrusion detection and prevention systems, leading to overwhelming alert noise, alert fatigue, and a lack of intelligence and context about cyberthreats.


Opting for Vectra's Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform over traditional IDS/IPS, the company embraced an AI-driven approach that eliminated alert noise, provided real-time context about threats through machine learning, and offered a comprehensive solution for detecting and responding to cyberattacks across diverse networks.

Customer benefits

Vectra's NDR platform significantly reduced the security team's workload, enabling them to focus on critical incidents by minimizing false positives. The platform's AI-driven insights and automation not only enhanced the company's ability to stay ahead of attacks but also integrated seamlessly with other security solutions, streamlining the overall security operations and making threat investigations more efficient and enjoyable.

“IDS has way too much alert noise. The performance of our IDS and IPS couldn’t keep up and was virtually unusable.”

Company director of cybersecurity
Major Real Estate Firm

“I immediately liked what I saw.” Unlike IDS and IPS, there were no signatures and no rules. We knew at that point the Vectra approach to AI and machine learning was the way to go.”

Deputy CISO
Major Real Estate Firm