Customer story
Higher Education

Wellington College

Wellington College relies on Vectra AI, integrated with Microsoft, for precise threat detection, eliminating false positives and allowing the security team to prioritize urgent threats and shape their entire security strategy.

Facing a myriad of threats in the education sector, including brute force, DDoS, ransomware, and phishing attacks, Wellington College's IT Director, Tony Whelton, sought an efficient method to detect threats and navigate alert noise amid global threat campaigns.


  • Precise threat data
  • Expert support
  • Seamless integrations
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Elimination of false positives
  • Comprehensive threat coverage across Microsoft platforms

Wellington College Keeps the Most Urgent Threats at Bay with Vectra AI


The education sector faces no shortage of threat types spanning brute force and DDoS attempts to a consistently rising number of ransomware and phishing attacks. To handle regular threat campaigns from actors around the globe, IT Director, Tony Whelton at Wellington College needed an effective method of detecting threats while cutting through alert noise.


With a large campus and a small security staff, Wellington is heavily invested in Microsoft. Vectra AI fully integrates with Microsoft’s security platforms, enabling a central view of all threats that come through in a controlled manner. Today, the team has eliminated false positives and can focus on the most urgent threats coming through.

Customer benefits

Accurate threat data, a knowledgeable support staff and comprehensive integrations with current tools and platforms enable Wellington College to base its entire security portfolio and roadmap around Vectra AI.

  • Threat signal clarity ensures that the team has visibility to focus on the most urgent threats.
  • False positive security alert noise is no longer an obstacle.
  • Microsoft integrations make sure the team has threat coverage across all of their platforms in one place.

“With one nice front dashboard, we can look at the high-volume threats rather than all of the noise. Vectra AI has helped me get my time back.”

Tony Whelton
IT Director at Wellington College

“In terms of Vectra AI Attack Signal Intelligence for empowering security analysts within our organization, we have complete faith in the data that’s coming through from Vectra.”

Tony Whelton
IT Director at Wellington College