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Reduce Your SIEM Cost and Stop Attacks Faster

With the increasing number of cyber threats your SOC team faces, ask yourself one question: can we keep pace by relying exclusively on our SIEM to detect and respond to attacks?
Reduce Your SIEM Cost and Stop Attacks Faster
Reduce Your SIEM Cost and Stop Attacks Faster
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Stop a hybrid attack

Take a self-guided tour to see how the Vectra AI Platform empowers you to stop hybrid attacks before any damage is done.

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Discover how teams are reducing SIEM use cases by as much as 63%.  

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  • Maximize SIEM investments with AI.  
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  • Immediately reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) for the most urgent threats.

With Vectra AI, attackers don't stand a chance

Intellectual property. High-value data. Hybrid cloud infrastructure. It all adds up to a lot of vulnerabilities — and makes your company a prime target for nation-state cyberattacks. But with Attack Signal Intelligence from Vectra AI, your analysts easily keep data breaches at bay.

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Gain real-world insight into the anatomy of an attack.

Join our ensemble of security researchers, data scientists and analysts as we share over 11+ years of security-AI research and expertise with the global cybersecurity community. Through our webinars and hands-on labs, you’ll learn how to effectively leverage AI for threat detection and response and expose sophisticated attacks hiding in your environment.

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