Does your security team need eyes everywhere?

We’ve got
AI on it

Freaky-smart cyber threat detection covering every attack surface.
Are your defenses ready for hybrid attackers?

Our AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence works at the pace of hybrid attacks — so you don’t have to.

Today’s hybrid attacks can start with anyone or anything, move anywhere at any time, and progress at a speed fast enough to disrupt enterprise operations at scale — even if you have every preventative measure in place.

Hybrid attackers are after your identities

But with Vectra AI, they don’t stand a chance. We constantly monitor Active Directory, Entra ID, M365, and AWS to shut them down and kick them out of your environment before any damage is done.

SIEMs don't see hybrid attacks

Our AI does. And it integrates with any dashboard to expose the unknown attacks targeting your network, identities, and clouds.

Relax and let MXDR protect you

Extend your team with managed extended detection and response. It's the only MXDR service with a clear, integrated signal for complete coverage across multiple vendor tech stacks — tailored to your exact needs.

Paving the path to XDR for enterprise SOCs worldwide

When put to the test against other XDR vendors, 4 in 5 enterprise SOC leaders, analysts, and engineers choose Vectra AI. The others come back when they realize their mistake.

Find threats other solutions miss
“The signal-to-noise ratio from low fidelity to high fidelity is all done basically upstream by Vectra AI. Vectra AI’s platform has helped us strengthen our cybersecurity defense capabilities and has made our firmwide cybersecurity program more efficient.”
Kevin Kennedy
Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity
Find threats other solutions miss
“With Vectra AI, I can focus on the highest-risk threats. With other solutions, I have to filter to get rid of hundreds or thousands of false positives.”
Matthias Tauber, Senior Services
Manager for IT Security, DZ Bank
Find threats other solutions miss
"This was the only solution that was easy and fast to deploy and maintain, and that was giving us all three options for rule detection.”
Sr. Security Engineer, Manufacturing
Distribution Company
Find threats other solutions miss
“Other solutions only classify behaviors as normal or abnormal. Vectra AI detects and prioritizes in-progress attacks that pose a very real danger.”
Group Security Architect, International
Private Healthcare Group