Secure Your Remote Workforce

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Why Now

Are your RDP / VDI services unknowingly exposed?

Are your VPN credentials being abused?

Can you identify unprotected devices remotely accessing your systems?


Security teams are dealing with a whirlwind of challenges. You are stretched as it is. As employees are asked to work remotely during challenging times, security should be the least of your concerns. 


Automate threat detection and investigations


The Vectra NDR platform lets security teams reduce the workload associated with such detections and analysis, so they can increase their efficiency and effectiveness.


Combined visibility with corporate network, DC and cloud insights


Remote working changes the way in which, and from where, users access services. Understand what those changes could be and how they impact your security by having visibility to remote connectivity from users to internal and cloud systems.


Auditing remote endpoint security posture


Where DNS requests from remote devices are visible, it is therefore possible to identify and understand where there is a lack of host-based security management capability.

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Why Vectra

  • Gain visibility into traffic patterns that attackers will exploit when your remote workforce surges
  • Identifying security risks in remote worker traffic
  • Automate monitoring and detection where attackers will target and  re-gain visibility and control

    Remote Work, Not Remote Control

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    Technical Advisory

    “Hidden within the high volume of network communications from remote workers, corporate networks, and cloud instances there are small yet rich security insights available if you know how and where to find them.”

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