Risk and Compliance


Why Now

Less than half of CCOs say they use data analytics and other technology processes to conduct root cause and trending analysis to support its compliance initiatives

The Compliance Journey: Boosting the Value of Compliance in a Changing Regulatory Climate. KPMG, 2017

In the GDPR's first year, there were 144,000 complaints filed with various GDPR enforcement agencies and 89,000 data breaches recorded

1 year GDPR – taking stock. European Data Protection Board, 2019

Nearly 60% of executives rank cybersecurity as one of their organization's top five risks

Managing cybersecurity the cyber risk protection story. Marsh & McLennan Agency, 2018

Why Vectra

Gain visibility into security and compliance gaps

  • Uncover compliance issues – Meet a wide range of compliance mandates and security frameworks, including  NIST, GDPR, and PCI DSS, and PA-DSS
  • Discover unauthorized Internet exposed services – SMB and RDP have many known vulnerabilities, including exploits that enable the spread of ransomware
  • Find legacy protocol activity – Anonymous NTLM logins, SMBv1 activity,TLS 1.0/1.1 and man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Identify expired certificates – Dashboards and reports of all certificate expiration dates make it easy to identify potential issues before services are disrupted
  • Spot unsecured cleartext communication – Telnet and FTP are unsecure protocols, can be used to pass credentials in the clear, and are vulnerable to sniffing attacks

Risk and Compliance

Delivers security enriched network metadata for hunting and reporting

Detailed metadata allows customer queries for discovery of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) gaps and enables teams to build dashboards and reports to set up real-time alerting when compliance violations occur.

Continuously validate your compliance posture

With out-of-the-box detections that are focused on attacker behaviors rather than signatures or anomalies, Vectra continuously monitors and identifies attack tools and techniques used by unknown and known threats. Vectra covers an industry-leading 97% of the network behaviors in the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Integrate with existing GRC ecosystems to allow rapid response

Send an alert via syslog or email into your GRC system when compliance violations occur. SIEM integration occurs through a single pane of glass and correlates data sources across security and compliance products. An open API empowers further enrichments in your existing technology stack.

Vectra Solutions Contribute to Meeting Common Compliance Requirements and Security Frameworks

Did You Know that Vectra NDR Solutions Can Address Current PCI DSS Compliance and PA-DSS Requirements?

Read why organizations are replacing their aging IDPS with Vectra NDR

“IDS has way too much alert noise. The performance of our IDS and IPS couldn’t keep up and was virtually unusable.”

-Company director of cybersecurity
Major Real Estate Firm