Phishing remains one of the most prevalent and effective cyber threats, leveraging deceptive emails and websites to steal sensitive information or deliver malware. As cybercriminals employ increasingly sophisticated tactics, understanding and implementing robust defenses against phishing is crucial for individuals and organizations alike.
  • Phishing attacks constitute over 80% of reported security incidents. (Source: Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report)
  • The cost of phishing attacks for businesses has tripled over the past six years, averaging $14.8 million annually per company. (Source: Ponemon Institute)

In the fight against phishing, knowledge, vigilance, and proactive cybersecurity measures are your best defense. Vectra AI provides advanced solutions to detect and prevent phishing attempts, safeguarding your organization's digital assets. Contact us to learn how we can help enhance your cybersecurity posture against phishing and other sophisticated cyber threats.


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