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Our Vision

Make the world a safer and fairer place.

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Mission: See and Stop Threats Before They Become Breaches

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Customer First

We consistently put our customers first and care deeply about their success. That is where trust comes from. This is essential in everything we do at Vectra.


We conduct business with integrity and don’t ignore this core value when the pressure is on. Passion plus integrity enables excellence to shine through naturally.

No Drama

We engage in lively and challenging debates and have the courage to be open-minded and change our views. This is how Vectra ensures customer success.

Why Now

a cyberattack occurs every

Prevention does not provide the security coverage you require

Traditional approaches have major flaws.
The top 3 major flaws of traditional security approaches according to a Gartner Research note*


Lack of security training


It is assumed that widely-known threat vectors are covered by defense technologies that are often left in monitoring mode after unintended business disruption, due to false positives or misconfigurations.

Dwell time is an astounding 49-150 days (depending on industry) according to the 2020 Verizon DBIR.


Legacy approaches


Reuse old security approaches to secure new ways of conducting business.

68% of the time, security environments were not able to prevent or detect the approaches being tested.
– Mandiant 2019 Security Effectiveness Report


Lack of the right tools


Spend disproportionate amounts of resources and budgets trying to block a threat that cannot be blocked.

Data exfiltration techniques and tactics were successful 67% of time.

* Gartner report: How to Respond to the 2020 Threat Landscape

Our Approach

A new approach needs to be taken. No longer can we just take products that were designed to address problems ten years ago and repackage them to address today’s challenges. The approach needs to start with addressing the critical problems.

With workloads spinning up and down and connections to data coming from every which way, the enterprise approach to protecting critical assets does not work in the cloud. And, cyberattackers know that simple misconfigurations in the cloud — across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS — create vulnerabilities they can easily exploit.

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The cloud changes everything.

The person with the most security data does not win. Winning requires the right data. Data that is thoughtfully collected and curated from relevant sources and enriched with actionable insights and context about every attack. And it must be at your fingertips so you always know the where, what, when, and how of the attack.

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It starts with the right data.

AI must provide the value of detecting, clustering, prioritizing, and anticipating hidden attacks that are beyond the abilities of humans. The objective is to automatically find, triage and classify attacks in cloud, data center, IoT and infrastructure while reducing human effort so analysts can focus on threat hunting and incident investigations.

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Meaningful AI is what matters.

How — AI-driven NDR

We have developed an AI-driven cybersecurity platform that detects attacker behaviors to protect your hosts and users from being compromised, regardless of location. Unlike other solutions, Vectra Cognito provides high fidelity alerts instead of more noise, and does not decrypt your data so you can be secure and maintain privacy. Today’s cyberattacks will use any means of entry, so we provide a single platform to cover cloud, data center, enterprise networks, and IoT devices, not just critical assets.

It starts with having the data to make this happen. This is not about the volume of data. It is about the thoughtful collection of data from a variety of relevant sources and enriching it with security insights and context to solve customer use-cases.

Attack behaviors vary, so we continuously create unique algorithmic models for the widest range of new and current threat scenarios. Performing well beyond the abilities of humans, Vectra gives you a distinct advantage over adversaries by detecting, clustering, prioritizing and anticipating attacks.

By doing the thinking and reducing the security operations workload, you will spend more time on threat hunting and incident investigations. Now you know why Vectra is known as Security that thinks®.