Anthony Collins

June 18, 2019
Law firm uses the Cognito platform from Vectra to gain 360-degree visibility into hidden attackers and perform conclusive incident investigations

Vectra today announced that Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP selected the Cognito AI-driven network detection and response platform from Vectra to gain 360-degree visibility into unknown and hidden threats that could otherwise compromise client confidentiality. Anthony Collins Solicitors is a specialist law firm with a strong mission of social purpose. It has offices in Birmingham and Manchester, England.

Maintaining client confidentiality is atop priority for any law firm, but with the unprecedented sophistication and success of cyberattacks, Anthony Collins wanted to detect attacks in real time to protect the firm’s data assets and reputation at the highest levels.

“Perimeter defenses are imperfect,” said Paul Harker, Head of IT at Anthony Collins Solicitors. “It wakes you up when you realize how easy it is for an individual to be compromised one way or another.”

Anthony Collins uses the Cognito platform to accelerate threat detection and investigation. Driven by sophisticated AI,Cognito collects, stores and enriches network metadata, giving the IT team at Anthony Collins the right context to detect, hunt and investigate known and unknown threats at scale.

“By filtering out the noise, Vectra gives us a view of real risks in a very clear way,” said Harker.

Cognito enables the IT team to detect threats in real time and stop an attack before it causes irreparable harm. With the most relevant context at the ready, the security team is empowered with a clear starting point for incident investigations. There’s no need for hours and days of manual threat correlations and hunting.

“We are ahead of the game with Vectra,and I wonder where we would have been without it,” said Harker.

For more information, please read the Vectra case study about Anthony Collins Solicitors.

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