Eric Ogren

Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research

Eric Ogren was a Senior Analyst at 451 Research. Eric has extensive experience in software development, technology marketing, and as a security industry analyst. Prior to joining 451 Research, Eric held marketing leadership positions with security vendors such as RSA Security and OKENA, and technology vendors such as Digital Equipment, where his experience contributed to pragmatic perspectives for security clients on emerging market trends, company and product strategies, differentiated vendor messaging and positioning, and meeting enterprise solution purchase criteria. Eric holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts and an MS in Computer Science from Boston University.

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Eric Ogren

January 26, 2019
Eric Ogren
Machine Learning: The Cornerstone of Network Traffic Analytics (NTA)

Imagine having a security tool that thinks the way you teach it to think, that takes action when and how you have trained it to act. No more adapting your work habits to generic rules written by a third party and wondering how to fill in security gaps that the rules did not tell you about.

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