cPacket Networks Integration: Deliver NDR with Fast Forensics

September 24, 2020
Sam Martin
Product Marketing Specialist
cPacket Networks Integration: Deliver NDR with Fast Forensics

Modern cybercriminals now employ AI with machine learning to identify and exploit blind spots and security gaps. If successful, the resulting data breach will most certainly have an adverse effect on business reputation and lead to customer churn. When security and reputation are at stake, it becomes crucial to invest in solutions that ensure data privacy, secure experiences and operational continuity.

This is why Vectra is excited to announce a new integration between our Cognito Platform for network detection and response (NDR) and the cPacket Networks visibility solution.

Deep visibility inside workloads and networks plus high-fidelity attacker behavior detections enable Vectra and cPacket Networks to identify and stop elusive cyberattackers that hide in cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise networks. The Cognito Platform is now augmented by cPacket Networks to retrieve and send data wherever you want. These two solutions work in tandem to reliably contextualize, distribute and analyze packet traffic.

Here’s how the integration works: The Cognito Platform captures, analyzes and stores metadata from relevant logs, cloud events and all network traffic—from cloud/SaaS and data center workloads to user and IoT devices. The metadata is then enriched with deep security insights and context about each attack and shared with cPacket Networks. This end-to-end threat management solution provides superb visibility inside workloads and networks, which in turn speeds up detections, automates response and accelerates investigations.

Cognito utilizes historical packet retrieval from cPacket for forensic investigations of any segment in the network, enabling security professionals to quickly examine relevant information from comprehensive data stores. Coupled with AI-derived machine learning algorithms from the Cognito Platform, data can also be routed to cPacket Networks virtual and physical appliances for persistent storage, additional forensic analysis, and compliance record keeping.

The combined techniques of Vectra and cPacket Networks provide robust security-response capabilities that track the source, target and method of attack. Security professionals can now save time using AI-assisted threat hunting and perform more conclusive incident investigations.

For more information about this unique integration, please check out the solution brief.