Expertise That Unlocks the Potential within Your Security Operations

July 21, 2020
Vectra AI Security Research team
Expertise That Unlocks the Potential within Your Security Operations

Security operations centers (SOC) maintain defenses, prevent threats from spreading inside cloud, data center and enterprise networks, and respond quickly to detected threats. Even where SOCs don’t yet exist, many organizations still perform security operations activities to detect and respond quickly to threats.

AI can optimize the SOC to improve threat detection and incident response. In this realm, network detection and response (NDR) provides critical capabilities by using AI to identify hidden attack behaviors and prioritize the highest-risk threats in real time.

Our newly announced Vectra services enable our customers to mature their security operations and empower them with access to the people at Vectra who are most knowledgeable. Services team members at Vectra have in-depth professional experience deploying hundreds of Cognito NDR platforms that secure the world’s most critical business assets.

By working directly with Vectra security analysts and engineers, we help our customers produce positive security outcomes, optimize security operations, and backup their teams when it matters most.

  • Vectra Advisory Services provide customized advice and planning that enable customers to transform and mature their SOCs to significantly reduce the risk of a data breach. Our consultants will assess your ability to withstand attacks and mitigate observed risks.

    Members of the Vectra Advisory Services team will benchmark your security posture relative to other organizations in your industry and deliver meaningful metrics you can share with senior stakeholders.
  • Vectra Implementation Services ensure pain-free deployment of the Cognito NDR platform across network, data center and cloud instances. We perform traffic validation and integration with existing security infrastructure and operational processes.

    Members of the Vectra Implementation Services team will transfer their knowledge of best security practices for the Cognito NDR platform and SOC deployments to get you up and running fast.
  • Vectra Sidekick Services extend the value of your organization’s investment in the Cognito Platform with our top-shelf security experts. They meticulously analyze the results from your Cognito NDR platform deployment to identify potential security events in your organization.

    Members of the Vectra Sidekick Services team will deliver weekly reports as well as meet with you regularly to present findings from threat investigations. They will also discuss detections that have been identified and address challenges and questions about your Cognito NDR platform.

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