Why Did Vectra Make the Deloitte Fast 500 for Third Year in a Row?

November 19, 2020
Vectra AI Security Research team
Why Did Vectra Make the Deloitte Fast 500 for Third Year in a Row?

Some may say it is all about the 424% growth. At Vectra, we believe it is our focus on making the world a safer and fairer place. It is about living our customer-first approach every day with the highest integrity and no-drama teamwork.

At Vectra, we are all about being there for our customers and many times we are there before they know what is needed.

For example: We safeguarded one of our pharmaceutical customers when our platform identified early indicators of a ransomware attack and prevented the encryption of network files. The world needs pharmaceutical companies—especially now, during the pandemic—and we enable them to stay focused on curing diseases by providing a safe environment to do their work.

As organizations rapidly shifted network computing assets to the cloud to adapt to remote workers, Vectra stood ready to secure Office 365 deployments, which are susceptible to account takeovers by cyberattackers.

Within 90 days of availability, Detect for Office 365 was deployed to watch over more than 4 million accounts and detected and stopped multiple attacks, including business email fraud and multi-factor authentication (MFA) circumvention using Microsoft Power Automate capabilities.

We are celebrating making this prestigious list three years in a row as it is a major achievement. However, the biggest celebration is making a world a safer and fairer place, one customer at a time.

And on a personal note, when I talk about the good old days to my future grandchildren (many years out), it will be about how we beat the bad guys and the strong partnership we had with our customers to make it happen—not about the numbers.

To find out how the Cognito Platform from Vectra can help you, get a demo of Detect for Office 365.