XDR - Erase the unknowns with eco-system solutions that deliver coverage, clarity and control

September 19, 2022
Jose Malacara
Senior Product Manager
XDR - Erase the unknowns with eco-system solutions that deliver coverage, clarity and control

No doubt, over the past 29 months, organizations have accelerated their adoption to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and with such rapid transformation, organizations are also experiencing a rapid expansion of their cyberattack surface. An ever-expanding attack surface can lead to more alerts, more noise and ultimately less signal. Losing signal means losing control of your environment. SOC teams can find themselves operating in the unknown when faced with a growing distributed workforce. A workforce that requires federated access to an increasing amount of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure and services.

With so many endpoints now operating outside of the four walls of their organizations, security leaders understand the importance of deploying an EDR solution to help reign in their expanding attack surface. But even with a world class endpoint strategy, coordinated attacks can find their way throughout your network, going beyond endpoints and spreading to public cloud, SaaS apps, identity and beyond. This is where an XDR-based approach can “eXtend” beyond the endpoint and provide correlated detection and response capabilities across these new domains, all while utilizing best-in-class security components to give your team the right tools to stop cyberattacks wherever they occur.

The Vectra platform is an AI-driven threat detection and response solution for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. We’ve been long-time partners of CrowdStrike and fans of their Falcon EDR platform and are excited to be part of their CrowdXDR Alliance. We have purpose-built native integrations with CrowdStrike that allow Vectra users to do things like pull in host context to aid in investigations, perform automated response actions like Host Lockdown, or one-click pivot directly into their CrowdStrike console to see attacker behavior on a specific endpoint. By enabling Vectra’s Attack Signal Intelligence in the CrowdStrike XDR, you can leverage Vectra’s purpose-built AI models for finding attacker behaviors across public cloud, SaaS, identity and networks.  

Regain coverage, clarity and control of your attack surface with CrowdStrike XDR and the Vectra platform. A seamless integration that will help your team erase the unknowns.  

For more information about Vectra for CrowdStrike, view the solution brief.