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Did you know...
of organizations have experienced an 
identity breach.
of those organizations had multi-factor authentication (MFA) in place.

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Did you know you have 3x identities for every employee?

User Accounts
Machine/Service Accounts

Which means you have this many identities to protect:


You might say “We have MFA” but...

MFA is used by less than two-thirds (64%) of users.
That means 36% of users can't or don't use MFA.
Plus, MFA cannot be installed on Machine/Service accounts.

So, even with MFA, attackers have at least this many ways of infiltrating your organization:


Attackers only need one to be successful.

When an attacker compromises any one user, machine/service account, the potential impact can cost up to:

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How your estimate was calculated

The Vectra Identity Exposure Calculator is based on the following formulas and findings:

Total number of identities = Number of employees x 3 

(Based on Vectra AI's customer database observations, the total number of identities — both human and machine — is at least 3x the number of employees.)

Number of identities exposed to attackers = Number of total identities x 36%

(Based on the finding that 64% of users authenticate with MFA per Okta)

Additional sources:

  • 90% of breached organizations had MFA in place (Kroll)
  • The average cost of a data breach in 2023 was USD$4.76M for phishing, USD$4.62M for stolen or compromised credentials, USD$4.67M for business email compromises, and USD$4.55M for social engineering. (IBM)
  • 90% of organizations have experienced an identity breach (IDSA)

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