Industry research

2019 Black Hat Edition of the Attacker Behavior Industry Report

The report examines a wide range of cyberattack detections and trends from a sample of more than 350 Vectra customers with over four million devices and workloads per month from nine different industries.

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Publication date:

August 7, 2019


Key report takeaways

  • Across all industries, there was an average of 282 attacker behavior detections per 10,000 devices.
  • Overall, the technology sector had the most attacker behaviors, at 465 detections per 10,000 devices. This is primarily due to high levels of reconnaissance behaviors, with 270 reconnaissance detections per 10,000 devices, which is 317% higher than the industry average.
  • The education sector experienced a higher-than-average rate of attacker behaviors, with 384 detections per 10,000 devices. Disproportionately high rates of command-and-control behaviors (241% higher than the industry average), botnet (902% higher than the industry average), and exfiltration (203% higher than industry average) drive this trend.
  • European government organizations experience six times more suspicious relay behaviors than their North American counterparts. In European government organizations, 12 suspicious relays are detected per 10,000 devices. In North American government organizations, only two are detected per 10,000 devices.
  • Download the infographic about recent ransomware behaviors

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