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EMA 2019 Top 3 security analytics vendor

This report is a time-saving guide. It is designed to help decision-makers who have identified problematic security use cases to select analytics tools that best address those use cases to aid in narrowing selection choices for proof of concept testing or other interviews.

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Publication date:

August 8, 2018

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"As a dedicated, privately-held company, Vectra stands out as on par with much larger rivals due to several factors, including its extremely high growth rates, healthy number of patents, and an unusual amount of market recognition for a small company."

If the security team has invested in the proper tools and still is not able to render a solid defense, and reaches a point where they have been able to break down data silos and address the political silos that impede information flow and cooperation, then this report can aid in choosing a vendor to take the security practice to the next level.

"Cognito reporting capabilities were rated as one of the highest in the comparisons."

Security analytics tools are a significant strategic and tactical investment. They are significant both from the potential costs and from the potential benefits. The ability to identify a myriad of threats earlier in the attack

process is a crucial part of the security arsenal. Each of the tools listed in this report can provide a great deal of value for the organization provided it is adopted while evaluating the larger picture.

Download the report for full review and to get the top considerations you need when investigating a security analytics tool according to EMA.