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Frost & Sullivan Visionary Innovation Leadership Report 2018

“Vectra continues to raise the bar in AI-driven threat detection and is expected to maintain its growth on the strength of its cutting-edge Cognito platform,” according to the new Frost & Sullivan report.

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Publication date:

November 14, 2018

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Vectra strengths cited in this report:

  • Collects and analyzes rich network metadata, augmented by relevant logs and cloud events, for real-time automated threat detection.
  • Uses AI to find hidden and unknown attackers in real time; enables quick, decisive action; and provides a starting point for AI-assisted threat hunting.
  • Enables threat hunters to launch deeper incident investigations and facilitates hunting for undetected cyberattacks retrospectively.

The Frost & Sullivan report states that “Cognito is a highly differentiated that applies machine learning and AI address the broadest range of use-cases and delivers real-world efficiency.”