Vectra integrates with AWS to provide organizations with Cloud-native; scalable behavioral threat detection, prioritization, and automated response to attacks targeting AWS Applications, Users, Compute, and Storage instances at runtime.

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Vectra Offers Two Solutions for AWS

Detect for AWS

Agentless threat detection and response for AWS Services, Users, Compute, Storage, and apps running on AWS.

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Detect for Network

Threat detection and response focusing on the network traffic between workloads to track attacks as they progress between cloud and on-premises.

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Detect for AWS

  • Detect threats against AWS infrastructure, and services 
  • Investigate attacks to find the roles and accounts involved
  • Automate response to attacks on applications running on AWS
  • Combine Vectra cloud and datacenter detections with in-depth information from Microsoft Defender ATP
  • Bring deep process-level host-context from Microsoft Defender ATP into the Vectra Cognito Detect UI
  • Isolate or disable hosts from Vectra Cognito Detect using Microsoft Defender ATP

Detect for Networks

  • Detect threats targeting IaaS workloads   
  • Investigate threats with security enriched data 
  • Respond with cloud native tools for targeted mitigation
  • Bring Vectra Cognito detections straight to your Sentinel Workbook for immediate attention
  • Automate incidents in Azure Sentinel based on configurable threat and certainty score thresholds from Vectra
  • Perform forensic analysis on incidents to identify devices, accounts, and attackers involved

Native Integration for Broad Coverage of AWS Services

Did You Know?

“Native AWS instances can benefit from this critical visibility into threat behaviors and respond rapidly.”

-Alex J. Attumalil
Director of Global Information and Cyber Security
Under Armour

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