Dell + Vectra

Key Challenges Addressed

  • Integration of cyber security with data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Lack of coverage for known and unknown threats
  • Vendor and tool sprawl
  • Ineffective and inefficient security operations due to inadequate quality of attack signal
  • Security analyst burnout and service gaps

Dell Technologies and Vectra AI Provide Coverage, Clarity, and Control

Simplify your business, infrastructure, data, and cyber protection with best-of-breed, integrated solutions.

Close the gaps that attackers can exploit by delivering enhanced coverage, clarity, and control.

Align your business continuity and cyber defense strategies to streamline processes, improve threat detection and execute rapid investigations, response, and recovery as needed.

Dell + Vectra AI

Dell Technologies and Vectra AI – A Comprehensive Solution Offering

Extend your coverage and clarity with integrated control.

An industry alliance to reduce complexity and deliver best-of-breed solutions for cyber threat defense, data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery. A comprehensive solution offering helping global organizations to consolidate vendors and tools to simplify risk management processes.

The Power of the Dell Technologies
and Vectra AI Partnership

‘More’ is not the answer to ‘More.’ More vendors and tools will drive more complexity, more rules will require more time, more alerts will require more investigation, and all of this will lead to security operations being less effective, less efficient, and increasingly demoralized staff.

Dell and Vectra recognize these challenges and believe the best strategy is based on building business continuity and cyber security operations using best-of-breed, integrated, and intelligent eco-system solutions.

Dell and Vectra are committed to working closely to ensure that we deliver on the promise of integration that delivers ease of use and improves cyber coverage, clarity, and control.

  • Consolidate and align security operation processes, vendors, and tools.
  • Assess and provide coverage for all the attack surfaces in your environment.
  • Leverage Vectra’s Attack Signal Intelligence to eliminate noise and help security teams focus on real threats.
  • Combine technologies to detect both known and unknown threats.
  • Leverage AI to automatically triage and prioritize critical threats.
  • Respond and investigate threats faster with contextual data from multiple sources.
  • Leverage the Vectra Platform running on Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Protect critical data with modern, secure data storage, backup, and protection.

Dell-Vectra AI Better Together

Deploying the Vectra Platform has never been easier. The Vectra Platform sensors and brain run on Dell PowerEdge servers. Attack Signal Intelligence with AI driven threat prioritization is forwarded to SIEM solutions powered by Dell server and storage solutions. In addition, customers can deploy modern, secure data protection solutions such as PowerProtect and PowerScale to further protect their business.

Dell + Vectra AI

Your Dell Technologies and Vectra Assessment

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  • Schedule a call to assess your current cybersecurity environment.
  • Assess your threat coverage model.
  • Assess your threat signal clarity.
  • Assess your threat detection, investigation, response, and incident resolution readiness.
  • Assess consolidation and alignment opportunities.
  • Assess knowledge and skills and security service’s needs.
  • Schedule a demo of the Vectra Platform to gain insightinto Attack Signal Intelligence™